Clients need a path to solutions, not just a list of services.

So here is the proven path (that consist of five steps) to growth we use to convert more of your current traffic into increased revenue in the next 90 days!

Problem #1: Our amazing vision for the organization is not causing the excitement and buy-in that we hoped for.

Solution: Clarity of Purpose Session

What You Get:

  • A Purpose Statement for the org that everyone can understand
  • A Mission Statement with Critical Actions attached to it for success
  • A Vision Statement that shows people what success can look like and work towards
  • Practical application ideas to get your purpose in action this week
  • Recording of call for further review and our raw notes

You’ll have a consistent internal message that builds confidence internally and draws in the right type of community externally.

Problem #2: Clients don’t always choose us even though we are often the best choice for them.

Solution: Clarity of Positioning Session

What You Get:

  • A position overview to help you stay clear on what you deliver that is unique
  • The Value Point Table to help you communicate the best benefits and value consistently
  • Competitive Message Table to give you the right language to stand out in messages
  • Recording of call for further review or revisit
  • Raw notes from the session to capture words and ideas at a later date

You will have a clear position that you can communicate to your clients about exactly who you are the best solution for and the attributes that make you valuable.

Problem #3: Our marketing message is not causing people to take action with us on the website, in email and/or in social media.

Solution: Clarity of Message Session

What You Get:

  • One-Liner - the age old answer to, "What do you do?"
  • Company BrandScript - the way to elaborate on what you do that won’t cause snoring and severe eye rolling
  • Company Narrative - A story about how your customers can become the hero if they choose you to be their guide. This helps guide most of your messaging across all mediums.
  • Recording of call for further review or revisit
  • Raw notes from the session to capture words and ideas at a later date

You’ll have a clear and concise message to share with clients that makes them excited to do business with you because it’s about them, not you.

Problem #4: Revenue is lagging because our website is not converting the visitors into leads.

Solution: Website Audit

What You Get:

  • 3-5 page website wireframes with layout recommendations
  • Copy written for the Website Wireframes
  • We additionally have solutions for the full creation of website if needed

You will have a legitimate sales tool that creates sales conversations with the right clients.

Problem #5: We are not nurturing future leads because no one is doing anything engaging with the website.

Solution: Sales Funnel

What You Get:

  • 3-5 PDF lead generator concepts
  • 1 concept selected, copy written and design created
  • Wireframe of landing page created
  • 5-7 emails to follow up on lead generator
  • All copy written and designs created for every email
  • Automations to send out emails on a timed response basis

You’ll have an automated lead generator that works while you are asleep and own a set of emails that takes interested people through a highly effective sales conversation via email.

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