Quirk Growth Plan

We believe that clients need a path to solutions, not a list of services. So here is our framework to growing your organization. Each of these activities individually will take you a step in the right direction however this is one framework that fits together. See the framework below that your team can engage in to grow in the next 90 days!

Problem: Communicating a clear and contagious vision for our organization is difficult.

Solution: Clarity of Purpose Session

You’ll have a consistent internal message that builds confidence and focus among your team.

Problem: We struggle to help clients understand why we are the right choice for them.

Solution: Clarity of Positioning Session

You will have a clear position that you can communicate to your team about exactly who you are the best solution for and the solution that makes you unique.

Problem: Our marketing message is confusing people which deters them from doing business with us.

Solution: Clarity of Message Session

You’ll have a clear and concise message to share with clients that makes them excited to do business with you.

Problem: Our website is not generating the leads we need to increase sales.

Solution: Website Reboot/Build

You will have a legitimate sales tool that creates sales conversations with the right clients.

Problem: We are not capturing names and emails on our website and not able to convert those in our email list.

Solution: Sales Funnel

You’ll have an automated lead generator that works while you are asleep and own a set of emails that takes interested people through a highly effective sales conversation via email.

Problem: Our communication feels scattered and fails to affect change.

Solution: Communication Project

You will have the assets you need to talk to and deliver a compelling offer to clients over and over without customizing it everytime.

Problem: We want to scale through advertising and PR but haven’t been able to find good partners.

Solution: Quirk Partner Program

You will have a strong partner to help you grow your revenue without all the headaches and waste that go into finding experts.

Problem: We need to improve key areas of our business so we can grow from 0 - $10 Million.

Solution: Business Made Simple Coaching


You will have a clear framework to take and consistently grow your team from where you are today to $10 million in revenue.

Are you looking for a framework you can just plug into and follow?

Frameworks are what make dreams work.  It’s not sexy. It’s not shiny. It’s just the plain old truth. Get access to our Quirk Growth Plan course.

20 Minute Message Makeover [PDF]

It’s ok, we all tend to talk about how WE can solve problems. But customers really want to know that you understand THEIR problems (and can solve them).