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Jane Ford
John Askew Homes

"I enjoy Quirk’s Clarity and Purpose. They are very informative, fun and nicely done. I am engaged in learning how to grow myself and my business while getting to interact live and ask questions with some incredible people I would never get to meet otherwise."

John Hill
Adapted Growth

"I had met James for lunch and was blown away by his genuine focus on helping others. James invited me to come onto the show to talk about sales because that is my focus, but he was available to talk through some marketing questions I had. I got to talk about the stuff I am passionate about and get some consulting on marketing. I am really glad that I did it and hopefully, will get to do it again sometime soon."

Mark Reidland
Hope Local

"I enjoyed my time on the Clarity & Purpose and was a great opportunity to find community with other business minded people to encourage each other. It was also another great way to connect with other individuals. Someone that I had connected with online jumped on the live stream and is now advocating for our organization. It was a great chance to learn and grow together. Thank you!"