Lasting Donor Locator System

The Lasting Donor Locator System offers proven frameworks to get the funding you need without all the stress. Learn to leverage the contacts you already have with fresh ways to ask and compelling communication that keeps donors connected to your cause. Come see why nonprofits are raving about this system!

Pitch Packet

If you're wondering how to get your supporters as excited about the Lasting Donor Locator System as you are, check out our Pitch Packet!  We'll provide a customized email script, one-pager, and talking points so your donors and board members can see how effective the system truly is.

Campaign Builder

Campaigns are an effective way to keep fundraising momentum moving forward. Instead of starting, then stopping, then starting again, we’ll help you stay "on campaign" so your budgetary needs are always met. Quirk is your campaign partner—helping you clarify your message and execute your communication strategy so you can watch your donors activate!

Want more? Ask about Non-Profit Consulting for your organization.