Your system to consistently find long-lasting donors and partners

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Get the funds you need without the ongoing stress.

Lasting Donor Locator System will show you the way.

  • Stop relying on one or two donor sources to keep you running
  • Get cash AND resources regularly to fuel your mission
  • Work in your strengths instead of spending valuable time event planning or grant writing
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Find peace of mind through diversified revenue.

Maximize your current network of contacts

Strengthen your messaging, campaigns, and email content

Diversify your donation sources within 60 days

If you don't see measurable results in 60 days, you don't pay!
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Many non-profit teams feel inadequate when it comes to raising funds. Yet they continue to keep doing the same activity year over year.

Let us help you break through this cycle.

It's never been easier to diversify your funding:

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We'll walk with you step-by-step through the process.

Increase Your Donor Base

Use our proven tools to generate buy-in from your current, warm network of contacts.

Generate Lasting Income

If you don’t see a boost in donations within 60 days, you don't pay.


"I don't have to worry about our marketing efforts anymore. I get to focus on what I do best and know they are helping me in the states connect with our donor audience. They helped me realize there are two stories we are sharing about the kids we support and the stories of the donors that are involved for them to feel even more connected to what we are doing."

David Simpson | President @ B Loved Ethiopia
Imagine how it will feel to focus on what you care about instead of worrying about funding.
We get it. Your nonprofit can make an even bigger impact on the world if you could pour a little more time into what's important rather than dealing with the hassles of fundraising. There is an easier way, and we're here to help you find more money for your operation.
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We see you.

You're imagining the possibilities, but even with the Lasting Donor Locator System, the value of the bonuses, and our money back guarantee, you're still not convinced. That's okay.

We know it's hard to spend the revenue you've worked so hard to generate. READ MORE