How Quirk Gives Back

showing tangible support to nonprofits

We know it's not easy to run a nonprofit. It's a constant struggle to generate income for your cause.
And it can feel hard to stay motivated when it feels like no one is in your corner.

At Quirk Growth, we're driven to help. We support nonprofits through our Lasting Donor Locator System.
But beyond that, we like to help in tangible ways that show you our support. We care about what you do and see you as our partners in helping people and making the world a better place.

Introducing. . .
Quirk Quarterly Impact

Each quarter, our Quirk Team focuses on one nonprofit. Then . . .
  • As a team, we creatively study your mission so we can share it with the people we know.
  • We promote that nonprofit through social media, email, and our in-person contacts.
  • The nonprofit receives our Lasting Donor Locator System for free (it's about a $4,000 value).
  • An exclusive, nonprofit-focused T-shirt is created each quarter and promoted through Vehicle for Good.
  • The nonprofit is the recipient of 5% of our top-line revenue for the quarter.
Quirk Quarterly Impact

We would love you to follow along on our social media channels to watch our Quirk Quarterly Impact in action and help us support other great causes in the nonprofit world.

Want to apply to become one of our Quarterly Impact Nonprofits?


Nonprofits We've Proudly Supported ThroughQuirk Quarterly Impact

Vehicle for Good. Win Cars. Do Good.

Introducing . . .
Vehicle for Good

As you know, at Quirk Growth, we're always on the lookout for creative ways to fund your mission.

We recently launched an incredible way to help fund nonprofits. We're ecstatic to introduce you to our latest endeavor: Vehicle For Good.

We recognize the constant effort that nonprofits put toward raising funds, yet they feel they're always struggling to gain a sense of financial stability. It just doesn't seem fair that they need to sacrifice time that could be spent on their mission in order to raise money for their cause.

Through nationwide sweepstakes, we give away cars and donate the proceeds to nonprofit partners.

When nonprofits have the funds they need, it fuels their creativity and vision, strengthens the family lives of their staff, and helps them feel empowered and fulfilled. We wanted to find another way to help and decided to take action. That's why we launched Vehicle for Good.