We help Non-Profits crack the code to find long-term donors

Campaigns and exercises to uncover your best places to look for new supporters.


You should be able to make an impact without the stress of raising funds.

There is a better way.

  • Stop relying on one or two donor sources
  • Earning all your budget in one yearly event is unreliable these days
  • Create predictability and stability in your revenue stream

Work more on your mission and less on raising funds

Diversify your donation sources within 30 days

Find new partners to bring you new money

If you don't see measurable results In 60 days, it's on us!


We understand that every minute spent on fundraising takes you away from making an impact. That’s why we help nonprofits find more money.

We make fundraising as easy as 1-2-3 

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We’ll listen to your needs
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Find More Money

We’ve cracked the code to help
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donor in your current network ofsupporters.

Make A Bigger Impact

Spend more time with people
you are meant to serve.


Focus less on fundraising and more on your mission.

At Quirk Growth, we know that you want to make a bigger impact with your nonprofit. To do that, you need more partners involved in donations. You’ve come to rely on large fundraising events but you feel inadequate as an event planners. It’s disappointing when you work so hard but don't see more people buy-in to your mission. We get it. We believe there should be an easier way to fund your operation. We understand that every minute spent on fundraising takes away from the important work you do. That’s why we help nonprofits find more money.

This is why we love what we do. 

"These guys are smart. Not only did they help us get more of the right leads on our website but they also helped us clarify our message and become much more effective in all of our outreach and campaign efforts."

Mark | Hope Local

"We knew we were offering people something incredible with our ministry school, but we weren’t able to communicate it so that people were bought in. Having Quirk come on and help us clarify our purpose and message was a game changer. We are looking forward to the future with confidence and much of that is a huge thanks to Quirk."

Zion | Celebration Church

"I don't have to worry about our marketing efforts anymore. I get to focus on what I do best and know they are helping me in the states connect with our donor audience. They helped me realize there are two stories we are sharing about the kids we support and the stories of the donors that are involved for them to feel even more connected to what we are doing."

David | B Loved Ethiopia

Lasting Donor Locator

So schedule a call today. In the meantime, grab our free Lasting Donor Locator and diversify your donation sources. You can start working toward what you care about and stop wondering if you can sustain another year of service.


Goal Setting Webinar

People don't have a problem setting goals, they have a problem completing them. We teach leaders how to set, review, and accomplish those goals using a repeatable framework so they can focus on what's most important in their lives and business.