Goal setting for the busy leader.

A recorded webinar that helps you start and finish your goals so you experience the success you want.


Do you find yourself ...

Getting pulled into work that does not tie into your goals?
Running out of time each week?
Discouraged with your progress each month?


Meet Your Goals in Three Easy Steps

Fill Out Goal Setting Worksheet

By completing the goal-setting worksheet (given to you during the webinar), you’ll have the exact tasks you need to stay focused on what matters.

Review Your
Goals Daily

Learn how to make the most of your worksheet each day so you won’t fall behind. We teach you a daily routine that takes 5 minutes to complete.

You Grow

When you complete the goal setting routine and see the progress you make, things get really exciting. It feels like you are a Hero on a Mission!


Meet Your Instructor, Jake.

Jake is a certified business coach who specializes in picking priorities and creating ongoing accountability in organizations. He has 20+ years experience around leading teams in productivity and effectiveness.

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Stop wasting opportunities and start Crushing Your Goals

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