One event to rule them all
(non-profit events)

Big events are great. Many non-profits make most of their money in one big year-end event.

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It is great to know that you can earn a large portion of your budget in a short amount of time.

It’s also VERY stressful.

First off, you are not an event planner.

Secondly, you are relying on people showing up this one time so you can go to work next year!

And last but not least, you are limited in the amount of money you can make on one-time events.

So what is a non-profit organization to do?

More events!

Seriously. If events are a good money maker for your non-profit, then it might make sense to consider doing a few more.

Consider these:

Pay for Entertainment

People love to buy things “for charity.” You see it everywhere. A great example is Amazon’s giving platform, Amazon Smile.

The whole idea is that you can make your regular purchases AND give some back to a charity of your choice. That makes it SUPER simple for people to donate!

That’s the idea here.

What entertainment options do you have access to for free or for a discount?

Take the time to search your network, your board’s network, and your advocates network. Find something discounted or free that you can use to create new donations.

This has become super popular for large NPOs. Invite people to a private movie showing, rent out a golf range, or host a chef-prepared dinner--whatever you have access to!

Online Retail

Another twist on this idea is to sell things that people already want. You see many non-profits that have an online store, because they have learned that selling merchandise that people want will lead to recurring, long-term revenue--from hats and shirts, to jewelry and stationery.

If you have a service that matches a certain set of retail products, then it can become even more powerful!

For example, we know a non-profit that rescues children from sex trafficking, and they sell clothing and jewelry on their site to “retail donors.” Every piece has a message on it about freedom, and people are psyched to wear these items. If you can connect your message to great merchandise that people want, they’ll buy it, and your non-profit gets more funds.

Do you think your team could add a different kind of event?

Let us know your creative thoughts or challenges in the comments.


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